Volume of construction works, up almost 28 pct, in 2019

Postat la: 14.02.2020 10:39

The volume of construction works increased last year by 27.6 pct as compared to 2018, as gross series, according to data released by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

In 2019, compared to 2018, volume of construction works increased, overall, as unadjusted series, by 27.6 pct, a rise reflected for all the structural elements as follows: new construction works (+ 32.5 pct), maintenance works and current repairs (+ 26.3 pct) and capital repairs (+ 0.9 pct).

By construction objects, the volume of construction works went up in the case of non-residential buildings (+ 49.1 pct), residential buildings (+ 26.2 pct) and engineering constructions (+ 16.6 pct).


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