Third day of antigovernment protests sees no major incidents

Postat la: 13.08.2018 09:14

The antigovernment protest of Sunday night in central Victoriei Square took place without major incidents, in the area remaining a few persons after midnight. 

The number of the protesters reached its high at about 10 PM, with rd 10,000 people, among whom parents with little kids, some in strollers. Many of the protesters were carrying flags of Romania, alongside several flags of the USA, United Kingdom, Scotland, Canada, Belgium, Spain. 

At 9 PM, the protesters lit their cell phones' flashlights and sang the national anthem. 

Some of them marched from the gov't seat to the Parliament, thus barring the traffic on the streets they were trolling. They returned within an hour in front of the gov't building. 

At midnight in the Victoriei Sq were roughly 400 persons.


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