Survey: 65pct of Romanians, more careful about income and spending management

Postat la: 11.02.2019 17:24

Only 1 percent of Romanians would call on a financial adviser to better understand their personal budget, while half of them hold to be the only ones responsible for personal income and spending, show the results of a study published Monday, commissioned by the Banometer, a free financial education program.

According to the quoted source, men are more in control of the management of their own spending budget (55 percent) and resort to parents to a lesser extent (13 percent).

At the same time, when faced with financial difficulties, 65 percent of Romanians maintain they are more careful about how they manage their income and spending, and 30 percent of the respondents would be willing to change their jobs.

Loan is a solution for 37 percent of Romanians, 22 percent would ask for money from their friends, while 15 percent would ask for a bank loan.

The specialist report also shows that women are more open than men to find additional activities to supplement their income. In this sense, 35 percent of them would get another job, while only 25 percent of men are willing to make the effort.

As for the personal budget for 2019, nine out of 10 Romanians think they will be more careful about how they manage their finances.

The research was conducted by Reveal Marketing Research in January, through the CAWI survey technique, on a national sample, and included 800 respondents aged 16-54.

The Banometer Program is managed by the Association for Community Relations and ING Romania.


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