State aid scheme for supporting cinematography, approved by Government

Postat la: 13.06.2018 20:15

The Government adopted on Wednesday a decision on the approval of a state aid scheme for the film industry, the spokesperson for the Executive, Nelu Barbu has announced, adding that it is multiannual and it will be run until end-2020, with an annual budget of 50 million euro.

He stated that benefiting from this type of support are Romanian or foreign registered enterprises, which cumulatively meet a number of conditions, among which making the eligible expenditures for the implementation of the project totaling at least 100,000 euro, proof of the cultural character of the project and the fact that is meets the eligibility conditions approved by order of the National Commission for Strategy and Prognosis' chair.

"The state aid (...) is granted for the production of films, regardless of how they are capitalized on, such as short and feature films, television series, films for video support or internet distribution, or for any other type of support, documentary-feature and animation films," said Nelu Barbu.

According to the Government's spokesperson, the maximum state aid cannot exceed 10 million euro for each project financed under this scheme.


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