Saber Guardian multinational exercise this June to also be conducted at Romanian locations

Postat la: 17.05.2019 21:56

Approximately 8,000 troops from six countries will take part June 3 - 24 in the Saber Guardian 2019 (SG19) multinational exercise co-led by Romania Land Forces Command and U.S. Army Europe, and conducted in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary, the Ministry of National Defense said in a statement.

According to the cited source, the exercise will see the participation of servicemen from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and the United States of America, and is intended to highlight the cohesion, unity and solidarity of partner and allied states in defending against any aggression, especially through the possibility of fast mobilization and concentration of forces in a short time anywhere in Europe.

The planned SG19 joint training activities include general staff tactical exercises and live fire exercises, river crossings, the tactical deployment of the 2nd US Cavalry Regiment from Germany to Romania, as well as medical activities, the Defense Ministry said.

"In order to render training activities more efficient in an international context, SG19 has been connected with a number of other national and multinational exercises that will total 13,500 participants from 14 allied and partner countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, the Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the US) 7,600 of whom will represent the Romanian Forces," the cited source said.

SG19 and the related exercises that are to take place in Romania will be conducted at the training ranges at Cincu, Babadag, Smardan, Capu Midia, Boboc and Bordusani.

The Saber Guardian exercise has been organized every year since 2013 and has been hosted by rotation by Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. As of 2017 Saber Guardian has become a biannual exercise. SG19 is included in the joint exercises program of the United States European Command, with a view to increasing joint and multinational interoperability with allied and partner nations.



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