Romanian companies display their agri-food products at SIAL China, in Shanghai

Postat la: 16.05.2019 18:08

A number of 16 agri-food producers from Romania presented their products during 14-16 May at SIAL China, a trade fair organized in Shanghai, informs the Ministry of Business Milieu, Commerce and Entrepreneurship (MMACA), in a press release issued for AGERPRES on Thursday.

"I was proud to represent Romania at SIAL Shanghai, in the context of increasing the qualitative component of the national presence, both at the image level and as a way of presenting companies' offer. The appreciation of the European colleagues regarding the presence of Romania in the context of participation in the promotion programs in recent years represents a recognition of the joint efforts made by APAR and MMACA," said Stefan Padure, president of the Association for the Promotion of Romanian Food (APAR) and vice-president of the ProAgro National Federation.

At this year's edition, there has been a record participation in the history of the twenty editions so far: 4,300 exhibitors from 65 countries, over 112,000 professional visitors, an exhibition area of 199,000 square meters and 17 showrooms.

Under the country brand for the agri-food sector, "Romania, the Green Garden of Europe," 16 producers exhibited in Shanghai: Agrosemcu, Albrau Prod, Artesans Del Sucre, Cosm-Fan Carmangerie, Croco, Doripesco Prod, Germino, Grande Dolceria, Kalpo, Natural, Monceanu Inocasings, Passage Food, Prutul, Romaqua Group, Scandia Food and Tual Fast Chance 98.

Romania's participation, with a national pavilion, at the SIAL China exhibition was organized by the MMACA, in collaboration with the Association for the Promotion of Romanian Food - APAR, a member of the ProAgro National Federation, and the budget allocated to the fair was 1.311 million lei.


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