#PresidentialElection 2019/ ANP: 14,807 detainees vote in Sunday's elections

Postat la: 10.11.2019 18:48

A number of 14,807 detainees exercised their right to vote at Sunday's elections, according to a release of the National Penitentiary Administration (ANP).

"As a result of all the organizational measures having been ordered for ensuring the optimal conditions of the voting process during the elections for the President of Romania in 2019, the units subordinated to the ANP have reported the completion of the voting activity, without registering incidents or events to have disrupted the electoral process," the quoted source said.

According to it, the number of inmates held this Sunday by the ANP is 20,434.

On Thursday, the estimative statistical situation indicates that 15,043 people inmates with right to vote expressed their their intention to participate in Sunday's election.


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