President Iohannis on recalling Palestinian Ambassador: The matter will solve itself, neither of us should exagerate

Postat la: 17.05.2018 11:54

AGERPRES special correspondent Florentina Peia reports: President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday stated in relation to the recalling of the Palestinian Ambassador in Romania that the matter will solve itself and that "we shouldn't exaggerate, neither of us." 

"The matter will solve itself. We shouldn't exaggerate, neither of us," said Iohannis, before his participation in the EU-Western Balkans Summit, when asked how was this situation going to be solved, in the context of the withdrawal of the Palestinian Ambassador. 

Palestine's Ambassador to Romania, His Excellency Fuad Kokaly, was urgently called on Wednesday morning to Ramallah for consultations, informed the Palestinian Embassy in Romania, in a release to AGERPRES. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Palestinian Authority took this measure in the context in which Romania is among the countries having blocked the EU joint statement related to the relocation by the member states of the diplomatic missions from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, specified the abovementioned release.


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