President Iohannis: By quarantining localities we can control COVID-19 epidemic

Postat la: 22.11.2020 12:56

President Klaus Iohannis said that the COVID-19 epidemic can be kept under control by quarantining the localities, appreciating that it is a measure that has proven its effectiveness, according to AGERPRES.

"The quarantine is essentially a complex measure to restrict traffic, which allows control of the spread of the pandemic in a locality. We have already had quarantine measures taken for several weeks and the first results have begun to appear. Where quarantine measures have been taken that week-to-week uncontrolled case rise has ceased in all situations, and restrictions will be maintained until the number of infections begins to decrease, but not just in one day, but on several consecutive days, in such a way that it can be considered that the infection no longer spreads at an accelerated rate. It is a measure that has proven to be effective, but the problem is not the measure in itself, but the economic effect, because the restrictions have a measurable negative economic effect. That is why experts recommend, after a careful, very detailed analysis, where quarantine is required and where it is not required. Unfortunately, there are quite a few localities that are now proposed for quarantine, but I think that everywhere, in a relatively short time, usually two or three weeks, things go back to normal, so the pandemic does not go away, but we go back to figures that correspond to the national average and in this way we can keep the epidemic under control, by acting locally and regionally to that end," said President Iohannis, on Sunday, after visiting the Fundeni Clinical Institute.

The clarifications came after Iohannis was asked if a quarantine of the Capital is being considered in the coming weeks.

The head of state also spoke about the case definition.

"The case definition or the suspicious case is updated quite often by the INSP [the National Public Health Institute] and I think we have the best specialists there and I am convinced that, the way they describe the cases is the correct one," Iohannis said.


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