Premier Dancila on Romanian Navy Day reasserts gov't's support for Navy Forces

Postat la: 15.08.2019 14:08

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila in her message on the Romanian Navy Day reasserts the entire support of the gov't for the construction of a military naval force capable to better sustain and protect the national interests at the regional or international level, stressing that the upgrading of the Navy Forces is a concern of the Romanian Government. 

"The Romanian Navy Day, 15 August, is a celebration with a special significance for both the military and civil sailors, the naval constructors and port workers, as well as for entire Romania. Today, on the Assumption Day, the day when the Virgin Mary, protector of the sailors, was taken up into heaven, we recall the hero sailors who have fallen in the line of duty whose names are written on the "Sailors' Cross" a memorial placed on the Constanta seafront, close to the sea they have so much loved. With gratitude we salute the veteran sailors whose experience is the very grounds of the current generation's success, and a source of inspiration for the students preparing for such a career," the Premier's message reads. 

She also thanks the marines who represent our country in the domestic and international missions, thus promoting Romania's reputation throughout the world.


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