PM Orban: We will demand debating PNL draft law on repeal of special pensions

Postat la: 16.01.2020 09:31

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Wednesday that the Social Democrats "lie to the Romanians" that they want the special pensions eliminated, showing that if there is an extraordinary session of Parliament, he will request the introduction on the agenda of the National Liberal Party (PNL) the draft law regarding the repeal of these pensions. 

"The inventors of the special pensions are these demagogue Social Democrats, who most likely, when looking at the polls, saw that almost 90pct of the population of Romania is against the special pension and after being the inventors and promoters of the special pensions, they now lie to the Romanians that they want to cut the special pensions," said Orban, after participating in the event dedicated to the Day of National Culture organized at the Romanian Athenaeum. 

He stated that the draft law under parliamentary debate is the one initiated by the PNL, indicating that the Liberals have consistently not supported special pensions, but only those for military service. 

"I am not interested in their demagoguery. As far as we are concerned, surely, if there is an extraordinary parliamentary session, we will ask for the introduction on the agenda of the draft law initiated by the PNL regarding the repeal of several categories of special pensions and we will see what the PSD will do then," added Orban.


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