PM Orban: Next year we will work on a better pensions law

Postat la: 04.12.2019 21:07

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Wednesday stated that next year there will be created work teams to draft a better pensions law. 

Asked if the Executive will have a new pensions law, in the context in which a normative acts comes into force next year, PM Orban said the governing programme does stipulate this. 

"I said that, next year, as according to the governing programme, we will create large work teams to include specialists, representatives of the pensioners organisations, obviously, people with experience in the field, and also to make a very serious analysis of the pensions system in Romania, in order to notice the malfunctions, inequities. (...) Next year we will work on a better pensions law," said the Prime Minister. 

He participated on Wednesday in the Gala Star Construct 2019, an event organised by the Federation of Employers of Construction Companies.


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