PLUS leader Ciolos certain Dan Barna will win presidential elections

Postat la: 11.10.2019 18:32

PLUS (Liberty, Unity, Solidarity Party) leader MEP Dacian Ciolos is certain Dan Barna will win the presidential elections, and in the event that the USR (Save Romania Union) leader will not become President of Romania, both PLUS and USR will benefit from it.

"I came with a candidate for the presidential elections who will win the elections," Dacian Ciolos told a press conference in Sibiu on Friday.

According to the former PM of Romania, "the society is now ready for a major and deep change."

Dacian Ciolos on Friday will participate in Sibiu in the launch of Dan Barna's programme for the presidential elections.

The USR leader, Deputy Dan Barna, who candidates to become the next Romanian president, on Friday presented a 10-project programme. Barna wants, if he becomes president, to change the Constitution, so that "the President to be able to participate in the government meetings and discussions regarding the state budget."

Dan Barna also wants to clear the public system of convicts and until his mandate as the head of the state ends, if he wins the presidential elections, to earmark 6 per cent of the GDP for Education. Moreover, Dan Barna also proposed a new law for the healthcare system.

"We must connect all the historic provinces with motorways and rebuild railways. Projects such as the A1 Sibiu-Pitesti, A8 Iasi-Targu Mures, AO Bucharest City Belt or A3 "Transylvania," A6 Lugoj - Craiova or A3 Ploiesti - Brasov will have adequate financing and professional management," is one of the projects launched on Friday by Dan Barna.

Dan Barna also wants to stop illegal logging, to build an economy without bureaucracy and a new Multiannual Defense Policy Agreement.

Dan Barna's programme for presidency also has Diaspora as a priority, in the sense that the Romanians abroad will be a priority of the foreign policy.

Dan Barna also set his goal, if he becomes president, to reduce crimes in Romania.


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