Online transactions up 25 pct, median value of orders up 22 pct in this period (MerchantPro)

Postat la: 26.03.2020 16:32

The number of online transactions grew by 25 pct last week, while the median value of orders placed increased by 22 pct against the same period of 2019, according to a statistics released Thursday by MerchantPro platform.

At the level of the first three weeks of March, an increase of 18 pct was recorded in the number of the orders taken by the online operators with the said platform vs the same period of 2019.

Only in the past week (16 - 22 March), the leap saw 25 pct, while in the first week of March (2 - 8 March), the dynamic parked at plus 13 pct, against the similar period of 2019.

The online shops active on MerchantPro platform in Romania list over five million items.


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