Michael Schneider: Development of Romanian communities stopped by current Social gov't's incompetence

Postat la: 16.03.2019 16:23

Michael Schneider, leader of the EPP group in the European Committee of the Regions, on Saturday said that the development of the Romanian regions and cities, communities improved significantly under the leadership of the National Liberal Party (PNL), but was "stopped by the incompetence of the current Socialist government ".

"You can be proud that you have a country with an interesting history, beautiful landscapes, people with a wide heart. Since Romania's accession to the EU in 2007, you, the Romanians, have succeeded in making important progresses in implementing projects funded by the EU. The Romanian regions and cities have improved significantly under your leadership, and also the lives of citizens and communities have greatly improved, but this development was hampered by the incompetence of the current Socialist government, through suffocating bureaucracy and refusal to give more money to the local and regional authorities," said Michael Schneider at the Summit of EPP local and regional leaders in Bucharest.

According to him, "a small group of individuals act in their own personal interest to get political and financial gains."

"I want to reassure you that the European Union is our common home, and I will remain your most trusted partner." The EU is this partner, and the life of Romanians must be further improved with investments based on the structural funds, agricultural funds and funds for rural development. These investments are not always visible to the citizens, so we need to better communicate what added value the EU brings. (...) The cohesion policy is not a charitable action, it is an investment for all the European, especially those in the Central and Eastern Europe. We need to continue with a strong EU budget after 2020, in order to increase competitiveness and reduce the gap between poorer and richer regions in the EU," said Michael Schneider.

He also recommended to the Romanians "not to diminish the role of the Romanian people in the world".

"You are the representatives of a proud nation, which can be proud of its past and must have great confidence in its future. Do not lessen the role that you can play in the world. Be modest when it comes of your own persons, but don't be modest when it comes to your nation," the EPP group leader in the Committee of the Regions urged.


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