Liberals have administration's improvement vision, with 16-minister gov't formula

Postat la: 13.01.2019 18:31

The National Liberal Party (PNL, opposition, ed. n.) government formula consists of 16 ministers and considers to slash the number of agencies with a view to improve central administration's structures, on Sunday said the leader of this political party, Ludovic Orban, in a broadcast at the public television TVR1. 

"No European country counts for 28 ministers as the current gov't has, our gov't formula only consists of 16 ministers. This means an optimisation of the administrative structures at central level, including a diminishing of the agencies and authorities' number, a slash in the number of offices and other structures at central level, also an improvement of the structures that operate like deconcentrated services in the territory. These are fundamental things to turn the administration efficient," Ludovic Orban told TVR 1. 

The PNL head added that the liberals have in view to improve the public services by continuing the projects related to the administration's digitisation. 

He also mentioned that the PNL intends to intervene in the taxation area, too. 

"The overcharge to fuels (...) in Hungary, in Bulgaria, in the neighbouring countries is paid less for the fuel than we do pay, why's that, because the gov't has re-introduced the overcharge to fuels," Orban stressed.


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