Liberal head Orban: PSD's new proposals for ministers inappropriate, Nicolicea's nomination for Justice - an insolence

Postat la: 17.04.2019 18:48

Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban considers that the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD)'s new nominations for ministers of Justice, European Funds and the Romanians Everywhere are "inappropriate".

"You know, there's this saying: we are going from bad to worse. That's how I term these proposals, they are equally inappropriate, and as for the nomination of Nicolicea, I consider it an insolence to every Romanian citizen and it's obvious why Dragnea proposes him - he has the mission to issue an ordinance on amnesty and pardon," Orban said on Wednesday.

Asked if President Iohannis will sign the decrees appointing the nominees in office or if things will end up with a government reshuffle, the head of the Liberals replied: "I trust the President of Romania."

As for the possible reshuffle of the Executive, the PNL Chairman said that all members of the government should go home.

"The best government reshuffle is for all the laggards, unlettered, functional illiterates and incompetents who have taken the rule through the back door to go home and let Romania set off again on the right track," Orban said.

The PSD National Executive Committee decided on Wednesday to replace ministers Rovana Plumb, Natalia Intotero and Tudorel Toader, and approved the following as replacements: deputy Oana Florea for Minister of European Funds, Senator Liviu Tit Brailoiu as Minister for the Romanians Everywhere and deputy Eugen Nicolicea for Justice Minister. AGERPRES


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