Labour Ministry's budget gets additional 43.2 ml lei

Postat la: 08.12.2018 23:14

The budget of the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice was supplemented by 43,236,000 lei from the Government's Reserve Fund for 2018, under specific decisions approved at the government's Friday meeting, the Ministry said in a release.

The money will be used for the payment of pensions, old-age benefits, as well as for covering the post fee for the delivery of social security and welfare benefits.

"Expenditures were higher than initially estimated due to a higher-than-anticipated number of freshly submitted retirement files, as well as because of the 10 percent increase in expenses for home delivery service for the benefits financed from the public social security budget, as a result of the increase of the post fee to 1.1 percent, according to the provisions of article 8 of GEO No. 102/2018," explained Minister of Labor and Social Justice Marius Budai, as cited in the release.

Of the total 43,236,000 lei, 42,566,000 lei are for the effective disbursements of old-age pensions and benefits and for the post fee. The possibility to use money from the Budget Reserve Fund to supplement transfers from the state budget to the public social security budget is set forth by the Government's Emergency Ordinance No.102 / 2018 on the revision of the public social security budget for 2018.

Of the remaining 670,000 lei, as much as 460,000 lei are pinpointed for the payment of the post fee for pensions and welfare allowances, and 210,000 lei are for the post fees due for social assistance benefits.


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