Kovesi: I have no reason to resign; I observed the law in everything I did

Postat la: 15.02.2018 12:14

Prosecutor General of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi, said on Wednesday that she had no reason to resign, saying she observed the law in everything she did. 

"It's not about Kovesi, it's not about the DNA prosecutor, it's about the assault on justice, it's about the festival of defendants who want to humiliate society, who want to humiliate the Romanians. I have no reason to tender my resignation. "I observed the law in everything I did," Kovesi said in a press conference. 

The head of the DNA later said that she intends to continue her activity as long as there is no decision for her dismissal. 

"I have been in this position for four years, I have a mandate that I have to carry out, and if I am in this position, I am ready for whatever this position entails. Until there is a legal decision to revoke me or for my dismissal, I will continue my activity together with my colleagues," Kovesi said.



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