JusMin Toader: Draft law on compensatory remedy initiated by technocratic gov't

Postat la: 14.01.2019 17:47

Minister of Justice Tudorel Toader stated that the draft law on compensatory remedy was in fact initiated during the time when the technocratic government was at rule and came into force during his mandate.

"I have repeatedly explained the following: the draft law on compensatory remedy was initiated by the technocratic government, that the CSM (Supreme Council of Magistrates - the previous team) approved it and proposed the day to be considered as already served, that it was then adopted by the Parliament and came into forced shortly after I became Minister, and that impact studies are done before and not after the law came into force," Toader wrote on his Facebook page.

The USR (Save Romania Union) MP Stelian Ion on Monday announced a new draft law will be submitted to cancel the provisions regarding the compensatory remedy.

"USR will submit today (i.e. Monday) a draft law that will cancel the provisions regarding the compensatory remedy. The entire country watched in terror these past few days, on their TV sets, the terrible crime that was committed in Medias, but we all heard about all the other crimes, about the robberies, rapes, violent acts committed by the detainees who were released before term, based on this compensatory remedy. Now it's too late, already, but the Government should issue an emergency ordinance to cancel these provisions, although we don't think it will happen, so that the USR MPs are going to submit today this draft law regarding he compensatory remedy," Stelian Ion said.

In his opinion, am improvement of the current law, in the sense of exempting certain categories of detainees from benefiting from the compensatory remedy, is not enough.

The first vice-president of PNL (National Liberal Party), Raluca Turcan, previously stated, in the context of the Medias crime, that it's urgent the detainees who committed violent crimes no longer benefit from the compensatory regime.

"Instead of solving the problems existing in the penitentiaries, related to the inadequate spaces, insufficient personnel and bad hygiene, the Government preferred to release over 13,000 detainees in the past year, who, according to the statistics, will for sure, 80% per cent of them, relapse into crime. Instead of helping them integrate with the society after serving their punishments, the state became an accomplice to murder," said Raluca Turcan.

Three suspects accused of murdering a young man in front of a bar in Medias Muncipality were held into custody by the prosecutors. Two of them were release based on the compensatory remedy and the third was also a repeater, according to a press release of the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Sibiu Court.


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