Iohannis: Romanians be heedful of heritage received from those who blood-inked nation's birth certificate

Postat la: 17.05.2018 15:54

In a message on Thursday on the Heroes' Day, President Klaus Iohannis urges Romanians "to be heedful of the heritage they received from those who signed in their blood the birth certificate of the Romanian people." 

"Today, when we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus and the Heroes' Day, we bow in respect and recognition in front of the memory of those who sacrificed themselves for the Romanian people's great aspirations. One hundred years after the fulfillment of the national ideal, it is appropriate more than ever to recall the deeds of our ancestors and respectfully reflect on the stages burned and the progress recorded in the years that have passed since the Great Union. The Centennial must be a gluing factor of the thinking and feeling of the Romanian nation. We have the duty to look with realism at the present and by aggregating the entire people's creative energies, to shape together the next century's Romania," Iohannis says in his message conveyed at the events in eastern Buzau by the presidential advisor, Ion Oprisor. 

The proposal of sustainable goals for the country's modernization, by capitalizing on all of its resources, is important, added Iohannis. 

"These moments of commemoration have in particular an educational dimension for both the young generation and for the entire Romanian society in its entirety. We ought to assimilate the values, the attitudes and patriotic convictions and to understand our forerunners' message and sacrifice. Here I am urging the Romanians everywhere to be heedful of the heritage received from those who signed in their blood the birth certificate of the Romanian nation," Klaus Iohannis stressed. 

In the message sent to AGERPRES by the Presidential Administration, the president expresses his entire appreciation towards the heroes who lost their lives or were injured in the missions abroad, in the operation theatres in Afghanistan, Iraq or the Western Balkans as well as in the NATO, EU and UN missions. 

"We also pay tribute today to the heroes who rest in the Buzau-based Heroes Cemetery and who saw in the Great Union the destiny, the mission and the fulfillment of the Romanian nation. They made the ultimate sacrifice for the completion of the national state, for the accomplishment of the dream that had animated ever since 1848 all the generations from both sides of the Carpathians. In the cemetery of honour in Buzau other troops have found their rest, too, whom in the Christian spirit we remember, irrespective of the flag under which they fell or the language in which they swore their allegiance. Let these moments when we turn to history, guide us to national and European unity and solidarity," the president adds.


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