IntMin Vela: I voted for a normal Romania and a better world

Postat la: 10.11.2019 09:24

Interior Minister Marcel Vela stated that he voted for "a normal Romania and a better world," mentioning that all employees are "on duty" at the ministry he leads. 

"I came to this polling station to exercise my right to vote for a normal Romania and a better world. I hope there are no events in Romania. My colleagues with the ministry have been, are and will be on duty today. We also have backup forces," Marcel Vela stated on Sunday upon exiting the polling station set up at the "Jean Monet" High School, mentioning that all employees "are on position." 

He said that he went to vote out of respect for those who sacrificed their lives 30 years ago so that Romanians be able to have the right to vote.


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