In Jerusalem, Romania's minister Intotero discusses developing bilateral co-operation with local administration

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AGERPRES special correspondent Catalina Matei reports: Developing co-operation between the Romanian and Israeli nations was the main topic of discussion held in Jerusalem on Tuesday as part of a visit by the Minister for Romanians Abroad, Natalia Intotero, along with an official retinue, at the Jerusalem City Hall.

Intotero was welcomed Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Yosef Daitsh, and Yosef Wasserman, a rabbi of the community of Romanian-born Jews.

The visit was organised by the Association of Romanian Speaking Israeli Writers (ASILR), before an event scheduled for Wednesday where several personalities from Romania and Israel will be presented with awards, in partnership with the Israeli-Romanian Cultural Centre in Tel Aviv, the Foundation for the Development of Romanian Judaism, FCER, TAROM, AGERPRES, other organisations.

Intotero underscored that a main objective of her ministry is to preserve the Romanian identity all over the world through education, culture, cultural events, support for religion, and developing partnerships.

She mentioned that the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is dealing with about 10 million Romanians, of which 6 million in the Diaspora, and 4 million in historical communities. "There is here a community of people with origins in Romania that counts over 220,000 exceptional people, who are the bridge between Israel and Romania, people who greatly contribute to the economic development of Israel and support the economic development of Romania. One of these extraordinary men is [ASILR chairman] Dragos Nelersa to whom I want to thank," added the minister.

Deputy Mayor Daitsh underlined the importance of this time when the Israeli people are preparing for the Pesach Feast. "Over 2,000 years ago, millions of people were preparing to celebrate the Hebrew Passover (Pesah) (...) The greatest rabbis who came to this country came from Romania. It is very important that each of you be an ambassador of Jerusalem, especially on these important days, so that more and more tourists come to visit this beautiful and important country, "said the deputy mayor, who wished both nations "Happy Easter!."

Rabbi Wasserman mentioned a desire of the Israeli officials to move the Embassy of Romania in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. "We are asking President Klaus Iohannis to move the Romanian embassy as soon as possible from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as the United States has done, and we are asking for all the help so that the transition may be easier and more beautiful," said Wasserman.

He also made an announcement: "On June 30, 2019, in Iasi, I invite you to participate in the fifth edition of the March of Life, a project we have initiated. At the same time, a twinning agreement will be signed between Ashdod and Iasi, by their mayors."

The chairman of ASILR remarked that the Romanian officials' visit was a very important one to strengthening the friendship between the two ethnic communities in the two countries and to the development of cultural relationships, with the continuation of several projects at the international level. "The visit of Minister Intotero is an important step in the development of intercultural dialogue and the successful promotion of Romanian identity in Israel, and for this reason we are bestowing on the Romanian official the People of the Year 2018 and "ASILR - Knight of the Romanian Language medals",' said Nelersa.

Previously, the retinue led by Intotero was welcomed at the Romanian Church in Jerusalem by the Superior of the Romanian Settlements, Archimandrite Teofil Anastasoaie.

On the same day, she toured the Ramat Rachel kibbutz, one of the last of its kind that operates according to the basic rule: equality between the members of the community, regardless of occupation, the motto being "We are very rich, but not in money."

The retinue visiting the Jerusalem City Hall included representatives of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Romania, the Bucharest City Hall , the TAROM national airliner, the Romanian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv, representatives of the Romanian Christian Orthodox Church, journalists


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