HealthMin Tataru says COVID-19 infections on downward path in Romania

Postat la: 22.05.2020 19:39

Health Minister Nelu Tataru said in Iasi on Friday that COVID-19 infections in Romania are on a downward path.

"That plateau time has passed. We are on a downward path. There has been almost a week in which we have gone down a downward slope and for about 4-5 days cases have been actually declining. We had a day yesterday when the number seemed to go up, but today we are on a downward slope. Once again, these are the 10 days we have been managing after the first weekend of relaxation in which at least some of us interpreted things in a different way," said Tataru.

Tataru was in Iasi on Friday to visit the local Cuza Voda Maternity Hospital. After the visit, the minister also had a meeting with leaders of the Sanitas healthcare trade union.


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