HealthMin Pintea proposes bill that clearly states the competences of aesthetic doctors

Postat la: 11.02.2019 23:23

Healthcare Minister Sorina Pintea announced on Monday that an order will be issued that will stipulate the competences of the the aesthetic doctors and the obligation for every cabinet to also present, when the operating permit is requested, a document regarding their qualification.

"I proposed a normative act stating very clearly which are the competences of doctors in this specialty. (...) The members of the Plastic Surgery Committee established very clearly which are the specialties that will be able to do procedures related to plastic surgery. These things will be the subject of a ministerial order that will appear soon. Some legal issues are still to be completed. (...) Each medical office receives the operating permit from the DSP [the Public Healthcare Directorate]. (...) We will expressly introduce in this normative act the obligation that a document, a file regarding the qualification of the personnel be submitted when obtaining of the operating permit. We will mention them so that when a cabinet is authorized, we will know for sure that it has the proper human resource," Pintea told at the Palace of Parliament.

When asked how can the patients figure out that the doctor who is to perform the consultation has all the necessary documents, taking into account that the data base of the Doctors' College isn't updated, she said: "This is a gap of the information system of the Doctors' College, but it will be solved."


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