GCS: Bucharest (3.02), Valcea (2.97) and Alba (2.86) - highest incidence of cases per thousand

Postat la: 18.10.2020 14:47

The City of Bucharest and the counties of Valcea and Alba present the highest cumulated incidence of cases of infection with the novel coronavirus, calculated for the previous 14 days, per thousand people - 3.02 for Bucharest, 2.97 for Valcea County and 2.86 for Alba County, according to the report sent on Sunday by the Strategic Communication Group.

An incidence of over 2 per thousand can be observed in the counties of Salaj - 2.52, Harghita - 2.34 and Cluj - 2.33, Bacau - 2.

The counties with a lower incidence of infection cases per thousand, in the past two weeks, are Arges - 0.62, Mehedinti - 0.66, Buzau - 0.69, Calarasi - 0.81, Tulcea - 0.96.

Until Sunday, on Romanian territory, 180,388 cases of persons infected with the novel coronavirus have been reported.


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