Election running smoothly as of noon

Postat la: 10.11.2019 13:23

The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) has informed that the presidential election is running smoothly under the best circumstances, announcing the launch of the presidential election web page prezidentiale2019.roaep.ro, where posted in a graphic format will be information of public interest at the end of the electoral process. 

According to an AEP a press statement, information can be viewed separately for the country and abroad, by polling stations, county and sector, as the case may be. 

"Following the conduct of the electoral process on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and finding that a significant number of citizens cast their ballots, we can say that the election is running smoothly, under the best circumstances and in compliance with the law," according to AEP. 

About the observation of the election by the authorised observers, AEP Chairman Constantin-Florin Mituletu-Buica urged all the persons involved in the electoral process to respect the accreditation extended the AEP to media people, as well as to the domestic and international observers, pointing out that barring their access to public activities at the electoral bureaus is a violation of the right to information, guaranteed by the legislation in force.


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