Ciolacu accuses Orban of using money from Government's reserve fund to buy mayors and parliamentarians

Postat la: 16.09.2020 16:15

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu said on Wednesday that instead of directing money from the government's reserve fund to real problems, Prime Minister Ludovic Orban used it to "buy mayors or parliamentarians".

"No county seat municipality run by a PSD mayor has received any money. We are not talking about Orban's money, we are not talking about President Iohannis' money or about the normal Romania that President Iohannis promised us. We are talking about our money - both mine, and yours, which is temporarily managed by the Prime Minister of Romania - which, instead of directing it to the real problems of Romanians and the priorities of Romanians, he used to buy mayors or parliamentarians," Marcel Ciolacu told a press conference.

He reiterated that the decision by which the money was allocated will be challenged by the PSD in the administrative contentious court, and the local administrations led by the Social Democrats will receive money at the budget revision.

"We will try to correct this in Parliament, but we are talking about a government decision. We have in Parliament the revision draft, where we will correct this anomaly made by Orban, and as regards the government decision, we will attack it in in the administrative contentious court. It is unacceptable, I repeat, no one has dared this. I think that if he had been a PSD prime minister, he would have been arrested at the government meeting. Forgetting that the pandemic is everywhere in the country, that it does not take into account the political color, as evidenced by today's record and the mayors's concern. No one has ever done such a thing in Romania. Except in President Iohannis's normal Romania," the PSD leader stressed.


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