BNS, two-day protest in front of CCR for rights of one million employees

Postat la: 04.12.2019 09:32

The National Trade Union Bloc (BNS) organizes, on Wednesday and Thursday, a protest picket line at the main access road of the judges of the Constitutional Court of Romania to draw the attention of the president of the CCR, but also of the other members of the institution, on the fact that, between November 2018 - August 2019, 19 files were filed with the Court, wholly or partially targeting the provisions of Title V, of OUG 79/2017, which affected during the year 2018 over one million employees' their individual guaranteed rights of the Constitution of Romania.

"We ask the Constitutional Court to respect its own operating law 47/1992, as well as its own regulation. An issue so important for millions of employees in Romania and for future generations (as OUG 79/2017 generates financing mechanisms for the social security system in Romania) cannot wait indefinitely for a constitutionality solution! We also call on the other responsible institutions to fulfill the duties stipulated by law and to communicate the official opinions to the Court with maximum speed, and we hereby refer to the Ombudsman, the Government of Romania, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of Romania.

We also call on the President of Romania, as guarantor of democracy and the rule of law, to notify the above-mentioned authorized institutions and to adopt a public stance."

OUG 79/2017 on the amendment of the Fiscal Code has made a number of important changes, including the transfer of contributions from the employer to the employee, the introduction of the insurance contribution for work (a different form for the solidarity tax), as well as the tax of 1 percent from the income realized for the companies with income up to one million euros.


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