Aurescu: Security concept must be approached broadly, given its dimensions aimed at health, humanity

Postat la: 16.10.2020 19:47

The concept of security needs to be broadly approached, the components aimed at security and humanity, included, Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu said on Friday at the Bucharest Forum, according to AGERPRES.

The Romanian top diplomat spoke about the lessons learned in the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. According to him, the health crisis "has accelerated the crises".

"One of the most important lessons learned is about the strong link between national and international spheres, between national and international politics. In the face of such a large-scale crisis, no country can cope on its own. After an initial isolation or let's call it a natural instinct to shut down, to protect one's own borders, one's own population, the world has turned to international institutions for coordination and help," Aurescu said.

In this context, the Minister emphasized the need to protect democratic values and the rule of law, the need for a rapid response to crises at the international level and, in this regard, mentioned "effective and pragmatic" cooperation.

Also in the context of the health crisis, he spoke about the need to approach security differently at the international level.

"Currently, the concept of security needs to be addressed broadly, given its dimensions aimed at health, humanity and the institutional architecture it is based on. We also need to increase resilience at the national and international levels for all these areas," said Bogdan Aurescu.

At the same time, the ForMin highlighted the importance of international law. "We need to strengthen the world order we have, including by preventing certain actors from weakening this system," he said.

According to him, the COVID-19 crisis has showed the need for "more resilient health systems".


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