Approximately 41,600 persons crossed border crossing points in past 24 hours

Postat la: 22.05.2020 11:47

In the past 24 hours, the border crossing points at the national level conducted control formalities for nearly 41,600 persons, Romanian and foreign nationals, with over 24,850 vehicles, of which 17,100 trucks and lorries, the General Inspectorate of the Border Police (IGPF) informed on Friday.

Entering the country were nearly 22,900 persons with approximately 13,500 vehicles, while 18,700 were exiting with approximately 11,300 vehicles.

The border with Hungary was crossed by 28,800 persons and 16,500 vehicles (10,800 trucks), of which 16,200 persons were entering with 9,300 vehicles.

Following additional checks conducted in the second line, specialists from the Directorate for Public Health sent to isolation/quarantine 5,586 persons, the IGPF mentions.

The main crossing points where such measures were disposed are: Border Crossing Point (PTF) Nadlac I - 3,320 (of which 1,040 on foot), PTF Bors - 1,428, PTF Petea - 565, PTF Nadlac II - 131, PTF Varsand - 34.


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