Antonio Lopez Isturiz White: Romania is an example; socialist gov't - a failure

Postat la: 16.03.2019 16:16

The secretary-general of the European People's Party (APP) Antonio Lopez Isturiz White said on Saturday that Romania is an example, unlike the current Socialist Government in Bucharest, which is a "failure."

"Romania is an example, but not this government, not the Socialists here." The socialist government is a failure, and this is not the real image of Romania, the image of Romania is here, in the efficiency, modesty, in the people who work hard, people who have creativity. The Romanian diaspora is an example for Spain, it has helped Spain," said Antonio Lopez Isturiz White at the Summit of EPP local and regional leaders held in Bucharest.

He also mentioned that he spoke in an interview about the lack of motorways in Romania. "I said in an interview a few days ago - what an unfortunate situation. In our country [Spain - editor's note], people think that there are too many motorways being built, while here people are protesting because there are no motorways being built, it is ridiculous," said the secretary-general of the EPP.


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