Analysis: IT employees have highest salaries in 2018, averaging 5,731 lei/month

Postat la: 11.02.2019 15:08

The classification of salaries in Romania was dominated in 2018 by the IT sector, where the net average wage was 5,731 lei / month, according to an HR Review & Trends annual report, posted on Monday by an online recruitment platform.

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The analysis presented by eJobs also shows that second in the rankings of salaries was the legal field, with a monthly income of 4,571, followed by banking (4,226 lei) and human resources (4,048 lei).

According to the cited source, the top five fields are the only ones where the net average wage exceeds the 4,000 lei threshold.

Below this level, but not very far, there are finance and accounting (3,930 lei / month), quality control (3,646 lei / month), insurance (3,565 lei / month), construction and real estate (3,234 lei / month), public administration (3,197 lei / month) and mechanical engineering (3.077 lei / month).

At the opposite end, the lowest net average salaries were registered in: textile industry (1,987 lei / month), wood processing (2,239 lei / month), services (2,281 lei / month) and guard and protection (2,335 lei /month).

Depending on the geographical area, Bucharest-Ilfov holds the first place among the regions with the highest salaries, the average being 2,989 lei / month. In western Romania, the net average salaries are 2,745 lei per month, in the North-West region - 2,729 lei / month, at the Center - 2,666 lei / month and in the South-East (2,618 lei / month). The average in the South (Muntenia) region is 2,580 lei, in the North-East - 2,548 lei, and in South-West Oltenia is 2,535 lei.

eJobs is the first recruitment platform launched in Romania in 1999. eJobs Romania belongs to Ringier Romania, part of Ringier AG, an international media company based in Zurich, Switzerland.



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