Ambassador Saranga: Romania, a true friend of Israel we could rely on within EU

Postat la: 13.01.2019 18:24

Romania is a true friend of Israel, said the new ambassador of this state to Romania, David Saranga, adding that his country could rely on our country within the European Union. 

"We meet today to celebrate the year 2019, a particularly important year marked by the takeover of the presidency of the EU Council by Romania, a very important, remarkable moment from the political viewpoint. (...) For us, Romania is a true friend we could rely on within the EU," Saranga said, attending a New Year's concert organised on Sunday at the Choral Temple in Bucharest by the Bucharest Jews Community (CEB), the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania (FCER), together with JDC Romania and the Caritatea (Charity) Foundation. 

The diplomat made references to the words of Elie Wiesel, according to whom "without memory, there is no culture, no civilisation, no society, no future." 

"In order to strengthen this strong friendship between Romania and Israel we cannot ignore the past, we must accept it with sincerity and learn from it. (...) Almost half of the Jewish community that ha lived here before the WWII was destroyed. Romania made remarkable efforts as regards the acknowledgment of the past and the assuming of responsibility. In context, I want to thank a close friend of mine and of the Jewish people - ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu, blessed be his memory!" the ambassador said, and the audience kept a moment of silence in memory of the late Romanian diplomat. 

Saranga said that intolerance and xenophobia are present in Europe. 

"I want to remind you that in some schools the Holocaust in Romania is taught. Likewise, in 2018 the Law for combating anti-Semitism was promulgated, thanks to the Parliament and the president of Romania. Unfortunately, we live in a period in which intolerance and xenophobia are present in Europe. Our duty is to remember the past, and in particular we, as a Jewish people (...) have the responsibility to be a model of tolerance. I want to assure you, I myself - the embassy of the State of Israel and the State of Israel used to be, are and will for ever be alongside you. I wish you a New Year in health, achievements and happiness! A Happy New Year!" the ambassador told the Jewish community. 

He admitted that Romania has an important part in his heart. 
"Here I started my diplomatic career more than 20 years ago and ever since I remained connected to the Romanian culture, country, language and you. I believe that the fact that my first public appearance here is in the Choral Temple, ahead of you, shows that it is very important to me to having this connection with your community," the diplomat said. 

Talking about the event at the Choral Temple, the president of the Jewish Communities Federation in Romania (FCER), Aurel Vainer said that this concert is defined to the takeover by our country of the presidency of the EU Council. 

The event was attended, among others, by former president of Romania Emil Constantinescu and the US ambassador in Bucharest, Hans Klemm.


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