ALDE's Tariceanu says he would accept to serve as PM

Postat la: 12.10.2019 16:07

Chairman of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Calin Popescu-Tariceanu told a press conference on Saturday that he would accept to serve as Romania's Prime Minister after the presidential ballot, as his acquired experience could be put to use.

Asked if he contemplates being Romania's PM as of 2020, Tariceanu replied: "Until I retire from politics I wouldn't say 'No', I am interested in the job. I think my experience could be useful, but of course, the voters should also share this opinion."

The ALDE leader also said that his formation will back the future government provided that certain conditions are observed, including maintaining the flat tax and justice reforms.

"One of the conditions will be that of keeping the flat tax in place, considering the pressure that will be put on the budget to increase incomes. We want the flat tax, which has hugely benefited the Romanian economy, the entrepreneurs and employees, to be maintained. And there's one more thing, we won't accept that the reforms made in the judiciary and which allowed judges to regain their independence to come under threat. I don't want us to return to a republic of prosecutors, I don't want us to return to a Romania ruled again through secret protocols between the intelligence services, prosecutors and other components of the judiciary," said Tariceanu, adding that ALDE also conditions its support for the future government on other requirements.

Calin Popescu-Tariceanu participated on Saturday in a meeting of the ALDE women organised in the resort of Paltinis - Sibiu County.


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