AHK president Anastasiu: Ordinance No. 114 - an encroachment on trading companies' privacy

Postat la: 04.12.2019 11:16

Ordinance No. 114 has been an encroachment on the privacy of trading companies and should be a lesson for all the governments of how to not treat the business environment, says the president of the Romanian - German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK), Dragos Anastasiu.

"We have already started dialogue with the new government and I can tell you that we are full of hope and energy, and of the desire to do things together and I wholeheartedly hope that things like Ordinance No. 114 have been a lesson for any politician and for any government that will come to rule in Romania anytime from now on. It's an unacceptable way to handle the business environment, because it's just as if someone encroached on your life and your privacy, for an entire country, 600,000 companies that were planning their budgets for 2-3-4 months, to suddenly find themselves at the end of the month with a completely different state of things, this is something that should never be allowed to happen again," Dragos Anastasiu told the last AHK meeting of the year on Tuesday evening, an event organized together with the Foreign Investors Council (CIS).

Anastasiu added that the signals coming from local governments are better now than the signals coming from the government that has ruled Romania for the last 3 years.

The president of the Foreign Investors Coalition, Ramona Jurubita, said that the organization aims to improve the Romanian legislation.

"The Foreign Investors Council brings together over 120 large investments in Romania with truly global origin. CIS is an organization set to improve the milieu and dialogue with the authorities, by improving the framework companies operate in. We are rather in the think-tank category, as an organization that produces many stances on improving the aspects related to law, and here we work extraordinarily well with the Romanian - German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, but, as I said, we are also working well within the Coalition for the Development of Romania, where we have many joint projects; the experience with the Coalition has shown us that together we can do a lot more. Together we succeeded in getting a voice, we have learned that, because we must admit that, as in any collaborative relationship, there have been ups and downs we've learned from and now, with this openness to the dialogue we've already seen last week, we can put to use the capital of our two associations," said the CIS president.


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