#2019PresidentialElection/ Dancila: This momentary alliance will break up soon

Postat la: 12.10.2019 20:23

Leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Viorica Dancila voiced her conviction that the parties that voted for the no-confidence motion that toppled her government will soon break up, because they have no joint program or vision to unite them. 

"This momentary alliance will break up, because they have no vision, no plan, no program to hold them together. They are united only by their hatred for us, for the PSD. They have already started to tear each other and it won't be long before this smoke curtain dispels and they will again lose to us. They have nothing good to keep them together, only their thirst for power, their hypocrisy and lack of principles, they are animated by the desire to see our party to the ground. That's all! But they won't succeed, because through what they have done now they have paved our way to an open, merciless and barrier-free fight against all of them: imposters, traitors, mythomaniacs, for us to crush them in this year's and next year's elections. When they lose, the Romanians and Romania stand to win, and this is what we must all fight for," Dancila said at the event for the launch of her presidential bid held at the Romexpo compound in Bucharest. 

Dancila expressed her conviction that the formations that voted in Parliament against the government will "tear" each other "until there is nothing left." 

"The Social Democratic Party is in no easy position but no matter where we would be, we will never cease to fight them, those who want to throw Romania into poverty, to sow hatred and division. A vote against the PSD won't keep them together. They will tear each other until there is nothing left. And we will still be there. To remove this gathering of profiteers and rise again to the rule of Romania from both Cotroceni and the Victoria Palace," she said. 

Dancila also remarked that the PSD is the "largest and most powerful party" in Romania, representing "the authentic left and the expression of true social democracy". 

"No one will ever be able to take our power and will. No one will ever succeed in destroying or eliminating us. No matter how hard they would try to block us and divide us. No matter how many Iohannises, Pontas and Tariceanus would emerge, we stand here and cannot be taken down unless we lay down our weapons," she said.


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