#2019PresidentialElection/ Dan Barna: Constitutional reform is my first objective

Postat la: 12.10.2019 18:24

Dan Barna, USR PLUS Alliance candidate for President of Romania, said on Saturday in Pitesti that his project for reforming Romania encompasses measures required for breaking "the vicious circle of poverty and corruption", and that constitutional reform is the first measure envisaged. 

"This is a program that defines the lines and directions I see as fundamental for the reform of Romania. The measures I envisage as President of Romania come as a solution to the problems I hear in the streets from people. My first goal is the constitutional reform so as to vest the President with a more active role in solving political crises like the one two days ago. Another change to the Constitution provides for the inclusion of the text of the 'No Convicts in Public Office' initiative. We got to this point because having legally embattled persons in public office has become natural. We see the consequence as youth are leaving abroad because they no longer see a healthy direction for our country," Barna told a press conference in Pitesti, as cited in a release of the USR PLUS Alliance. 

Other goals of the presidential contender refer to education, the reform of the health system and investments in infrastructure in order to connect Romania's historical regions through motorways. 

"By the end of my term as President, Education will receive 6 percent of GDP. I will send back to Parliament any budget bill that doesn't provide enough money for Education or mechanisms whereby student funding reduces - instead of widening, as currently is the case - disparities in access to and the quality of education. A new Health Law is also essential, so that prevention and family medicine are the main lines of the citizen's interaction with the medical system. The current Health Law is obsolete. Regarding infrastructure, we must start investments and build motorways. My goal is to link all of Romania's historical regions by motorway. We cannot go on as by now," added Barna.


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